Enochs Triplets

Greetings from New York City.


Join the adventures of the Enochs Family of New York City.


Other May Kodak Moments

Celebrating Bonita's 33-Year Work Anniversary at Columbia with Margaritas at El Coco


Lauren Visiting an Animal Farm in North Carolina: Horses, Goats, and Ducklings, Oh, My! / Brendan's Encounter with Creatures While Vacationing in Puerto Rico







Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Margaritas at the Tiki Chick Bar and Newly Acquired Margarita Painting



Joining New Friends of Metro Theater Group for a Screening of the Marx Brothers' "Duck Soup" at the Historic United Palace Theater and a Tour Randy took of the Art Deco Metro Theater


















Buying Strawberries at the Farmers Market and Enjoying Gelato at Gelato Factory


A Mellow May Manhattanhenge Due to Cloud Cover



Our Honorary Grandchildren:

Violet and Lily








Pippa and Poupon (AKA Pip and Pop)